Outlook PST files, while helpful for people who run into mailbox limts, pose various problems for individuals and organizations.

The top issues include:

  • Compliance issues related to discovery and data loss
  • Backups are rarely performed on PST files
  • They generate support calls related to corruption and configuration

With migrations to Microsoft Office 365, the lower cost of storage has opened an opportunity to move the PST data back into the mailbox and solve the problems they create.

PST migrator makes the PST data move to an Office 365 mailbox easier by automatically moving the folders and items via a background non-disruptive process.

Upon completion, PST Migrator disconnects the Outlook PST files.

Deployment Guide

Configuration Guide

Download PST Migrator Package

Download PST Migrator Reporter

PST Migrator Licensing Options

  • Enterprise - Licensed by mailbox count and domain
  • Personal - Licensed per individual by email address
  • Demo - Licensed by email address for testing
  • Free - Used for auditing Outlook accounts and stores

If PST Migrator is run without licensing, it will audit the account and store information and write the details to xml files.

For licensing inquiries, please contact sales@laesoftware.com.