Desired Bandwidth: PST Migrator Feature In-Depth

Desired Bandwidth: PST Migrator Feature In-Depth

Controlled Bandwidth

Next in our Feature In Depth series, we'll discuss our most widely discussed, and customized, feature within PST Migrator; Desired Bandwidth.

Feature Purpose

Using the distributed power of laptops and desktops for migration could possibly overload your network's available bandwidth. Although the data is uploaded (rarely as utilized), it is important to limit how much bandwidth a migration can use.

Configuration Details

  • Configuration Setting Name: DesiredBandwidthKbps
  • Recommended Value: 2048
  • Lowest Allowed Value: 20
  • Recommended Maximum: 4096
    • Most customers see Microsoft limiting to about 4 Mbps

Planning Considerations

  • We recommend using a configuration of 1024 Kbps. This not only helps ensure a seamless migration for the user, it also makes batching easier to plan. Example: 100 users would be using 100 Mbps of upload at peak transfer.
  • For VPN connected computers (without split tunnel), the VPN QOS setting should be kept in consideration along with the understanding that a network connected PST will cause upload and download utilization.
  • When transfer speed needs to be pushed to meet a deadline, for instance with mergers, we recommend 3072 Kbps.


Watch here for a demo of how the feature works.